Tell A Nurse

Medical Telephone Triage Service

Tell-A-Nurse is a dynamic company that has provided after-hours on-call phone triage services to doctors, medical facilities and other practitioners since 1999. Medical guidelines are used by experienced RNs to triage calls from an answering service or directly from patients. Providers are only called for problems demanding their attention. For problems not needing MD attention, the triage nurse can assess a problem and provide various options to the caller.

In a true emergency, 911 is called by the nurse and EMS is directed to the patient. In less serious scenarios the patient might be directed to the ER or a local urgent care directly. More commonly, the patient is given medical advice from our guidelines and self-care instructions, usually with advice to follow up with their physician. All advice is faxed or emailed to the primary care provider immediately after the call.

Our Staff

Our RNs average over five years experience in nursing plus a commitment to patient advocacy. They are all well trained and experienced in doing telephone triage and their education and skills are constantly being updated. They have chosen to do telephone patient care and they excel at it.

Our Guidelines

The medical guidelines used by our nurses come from two primary sources. Pediatric guidelines are based on Barton Schmitt’s, Pediatric Telephone Advice, in a computerized version, the “gold standard” of pediatric guidelines. Adult guidelines are based on those of David Thompson, M.D., which are being used worldwide by many call centers. Additional sources such as the PDR and other references are also used for specific situations.

Our own set of Homecare Guidelines are also incorporated into the Tell-A-Nurse Encounter Form, all presented in the SOAP format, ready for the medical chart.

We encourage providers to inspect these guidelines on-site or request additional information.

An affordable alternative for after hours calls.

  • Medical triage alerts all night and every weekend.
  • A well-trained, compassionate ear for your patients.
  • For the doctor who would prefer to only answer calls when really needed.
  • For the facility or care provider who needs an RN after-hours for staff backup.
  • For the rural provider who needs patient coverage.

What Is Nurse Telephone Triage

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How to Choose the Best Dentist

Tips For Choosing The Best Dentist

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